Pequot Lakes Brush Pilots

20th Annual Antique Snowmobile Rendezvous/ASCOA Winter Meeting

(The following is a letter written to us by Howard Miller. He echoes our philosophy on vintage events. It's not about trophies or who has the nicest old snowmobile, but rather the people who own them and the stories/memories that they share. A good example of great people)


My calendar was marked for January 18th & 19th and 20th 2013.

The Pequot Lakes 19th Annual Antique Snowmobile Rendezvous. This will be my 18th, I missed the first one.

The ride on Friday afternoon was a question mark for me because I had my left hip replacement with a hunk of steel six months ago. I didn’t think I could ride my old 1965 Polaris Mustang from town to the Timberjack Steak House so I brought a back up, my 1988 Polaris Indy 400 Classic (a little bit better suspension). For once the temperature was 30 degrees above not 30 30 degrees below zero as it has been in the past. A real police officer not Dave stopped traffic so we could get across Hwy 371, through town into the school parking lot, down city streets to the lake. What a picture with over ninety old sleds lined up. Then down to the lake with everyone running wide open throttle. At the south end of the lake you enter the woods and past Crow Wing Auto Body then you are at the Timberjack.

Inside was a nice lunch sponsored by the Pequot Brush Pilots Snowmobile Club and folks that own Timberjack. An hour or so later back on the trail to town, the six or eight sleds that i had left with went back on the Paul Bunyan Trail. One old rear engine sled broke part of track guide and Lee lost a bogie wheel but we all made it back to town.

Myself, Lee & his son Todd decided to drive to the bonfire and wiener roast north of town. Lee thought he made it all the way back missing one bogie wheel no big deal there was ten or twelve others in the suspension that would do the job. When we got there the wheel that was still on the shaft started to work it’s way out but he pushed it back in. WE stood around shooting the bull for a hour or so then started back before it got dark. The lighting isn’t too good on the old Scorpion’s Lee & Todd were riding.

Saturday the Big Show and new this year was another trail ride north of town. The racing with the 1966 and older sleds started at one o’clock. Driver meeting and all the important rules, conducted by our leader Dave. Then the racing begins first drags, oval, oval, reverse and last obstacle course. I lined up quickly along side of Jack Polokangas, from Sebeka, MN on his 1966 Polaris Mustang. My 1965 Polaris Sno Traveler Mustang wasn’t running very good but i thought I would give it a try. The flag went down and Jack took off and my Mustang went blah and sputtered. I nursed it along and made it to the finish line but I could have walked fasted. Time to put the old Mustang in the trailer and bring out my back up sled. I made it to the starting line to get alongside Jack again. The flagman looked at me funny and smiled. My backup sled was blue & white just like my Mustang maybe a few years newer. The flag dropped and Jack got the hole shot and i felt a drag on my sled like something was holding me back. then my sled jumped forward. I caught up to Jack going into first corner. He must have been full throttle the way he slid around. He stayed ahead of me all the way to the next corner. He moved through that next corner with the ease of a real pro. Back down the straight away I caught up to him. The way he took that corner I thought he was going to lose it but he made it around with his knee almost touching the snow on the inside. I figured if he was going to take the last corner that way he was going to let that Mustang slip out from under him and I would pass him at the finish line, he got it sliding and I ducked to the inside. Jack brought it back and slipped across the finish line in front of me to win.

Saturday night at the awards banquet the meal at American Legion was as good as all the others they put on and very reasonably priced with door prizes from the merchants with everybody that registered getting something. Trophies for show sleds and racing. This is where the big surprise for me came. Jack on his 1966 Polaris 9ph Mustang received 1st place in the oval race and I received 2nd place with my 1965(1988) Polaris Indy 400 Classic. I have received many trophies, but none that means more to me. I got this trophy for having FUN!

This old sled ride and show is number one in my book. There isn’t a fee to ride or show your sled. It’s also a great way for public to see all the old sleds. It’s all about having fun! The only cost is for hundreds of dollars for gas, lodging and meals.

Thank You
Howard E. Miller
River Falls, WI 54022
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